Happy Holidays- 2017

Dear clients, friends, and loved ones

I am absolutely blessed to say that my consultancy continues to service a variety of individuals and needs, and now I can say I have a steady base of loyal clients.

I doubt many businesses do this, but I want to brag about my clients. They are diverse; all of them come from a walk in life that is unique to them, and I love this about them. For many it is writing through life’s maze to understand it better and reflect. For other’s it is to be challenged in thought or supported with additional research.

But what makes my clients special is the lack of formalities; my cell phone is with you, my emails, and when we hit hardship, we understand. That is how all businesses should be. I am not in this for the money; writing and editing and researching is a hobby I am passionate for and although I work full time, I continue to do this.

The publishing industry is riddled with unnecessary obstacles, and to me that means that it is less diverse, less accessible, and more costly. Being heard should not be so difficult. Displaying your heart and soul in your book can be done without all the hierarchy.

I am proud of you all–from the students who I have coached and challenged in their research and are now approaching graduation, or the one’s who needed a soundboard to bounce around ideas–you did this!

I am proud of the authors who allowed me into their lives to examine the details, push their thoughts further, and pick at the emotions and ideas and feelings that tie their narrative together.

To the educators who relied on me to design their programs and trusted me to be insightful of their learning population’s needs, thank you for trusting me.

And all the rest… You all have a voice and ideas, and I truly am blessed and humbled to be a part of your journey to being heard and successful. You all make me proud of what I do, and without you, this would not be possible!

Happy holidays from NS & Associates!

Much love,