Why Freshmen College Students Fail at Writing

Because simply put, they were not challenged to be so thoroughly analytical and were taught to mechanically write. They were not pushed or challenged in open discussion of their ideas, and were simply told to answer a prompt. They were not confronted with opposition to a written statement that could be ripped apart for weak rationale.

They got passed through their secondary education for being able to summarize and lightly analyze, and now that they must fully immerse into the social sciences, weave a sound argument, and address opposition to it with carefully curated research.

Many first years come back and say:

  1. Too much writing
  2. Too much reading
  3. The professor gave me a D and I worked so hard

We know you work hard, but we need to redirect the focus of the energy. If you need guidance in college level writing or are an educator who wants to prep their students for college, we have a workshop series that can be done remotely or replicated at your institution. It is fun, filled with pop references, but within it are woven pieces of literature and articles from the social sciences.

Ultimately we want our students to know that life is not static, and just like writing, many things must be accounted for but smoothly articulated in careful consideration. That is the goal of our services: to get you at an A level of thinking that shows in your writing.

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