How Does this Work

Integrity above All

Steer clear of fraudulent websites. I am a real person, from a blue collar family turned into small business owners and professionals. I know what it means to get haggled or treated as less important. I want you to actualize your goals and no client is less important than another.

Equal energy, equal dedication, equal loyalty!

If you require contracts to be notarized, consider it done. I will go out of my way to ensure you are comfortable and happy with this service. Get your questions answered with your interest at hand. Period.

Once  you have contacted  Norah and conveyed your needs, either through a phone call, Skype session, or through email, a contract and non disclosure agreement will be sent to you. Once these documents are signed they are shared to you either through your email or your own Dropbox folder, where you can have access to all relevant materials to the job, as well as any contracts and invoices or updates. This will also give you the access to track our progress as we work.

To initiate the contract and payment plan you may do so here or respond directly to the invoice received. Please note your contract has a specific schedule of payments for you. Checks are also accepted, yet the contract will begin once the check has been received and has been cleared. No contract will be initiated without signed documents and an initial deposit.

All contracts will incur an 18% or equivalent down payment, and the rest of the work will be broken down into remitted milestones. No client will pay the entire sum initially, and the project will only continue upon your clearance of a milestone.

A contract can be terminated and the deposit refunded if the initial milestone is not cleared or approved by the client. Once the work has been approved after the first milestone, the deposit and first milestone will not be refunded. If the work is not to your liking upon submission of the first milestone, all fees will be refunded.

Affordable payment plans are negotiable. Please be sure to mention any budgetary requirements and timelines at the time of discussion of a contract. Work that requires quicker turn around times will incur higher project rates.