Aligning with the Divine

By Chantelle Renee

We are living in amazing times. Many people are awakening from their spiritual slumber and are seeking the deeper meanings of existence. Many are discovering that we are far more powerful than we have been led to believe—we are a direct reflection of creation; eternal beings of energy and light.

At this time of great growth in human consciousness, now is the time to reclaim our power and to align with the divine. The wisdom shared within the pages of this book offers a simplified understanding of relatively difficult concepts. We hope these ideas will inspire you to join us on a path towards spiritual awareness and empowerment. We hope you travel well on this quest of awakening to your true power—the power that lies dormant within you.

This book will teach you about ancient principles that unlock some of the universe’s best-kept secrets. It will serve you as you learn to cultivate compassion, to understand your fellow human beings more deeply, and to nurture your own inner peace and spiritual prosperity.

As you read this book, you will learn, through simple, practical steps:
• how to use the laws of physics to manifest a life of your choosing
• how to understand the human body’s energy systems
• how to practice energy awareness and management
• how to navigate your emotional state
• how to love yourself on a deeper level
• how to free yourself from sabotaging patterns that prevent your life from flowing in harmony with creation
• how to become self-aware, and
• how to create with emotion.

By reading this book you will:
• become more in tune with your intuition; your own direct connection with spirit
• go deeply into your subconscious mind
• challenge your borrowed beliefs, and
• free yourself from the bondage of a limiting perspective.

This book is a resource that you can turn to again and again to assist you in your sacred journey of exploration, experience, and spiritual expansion. We hope that this book will serve you in your awakening, empower you to connect directly to the divine, and lead you to your life’s purpose. Fueled by the clarity of your intentions, may you pursue your dreams fearlessly and manifest abundantly!

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