Building a Better You

By Mike Lane, Ph.D., CSCS Jeremy Vincent, Psy.D.

Building a better you is a series of literature reviews, personal anecdotes, and rules to live by offered to help you maximize your true untapped potential. Our collective belief is that many of us live meaningful and productive lives. We balance different obligations, including school, work, raising children, maintaining meaningful relationships, leisure time, and household requirements. We sometimes find ourselves so busy that we have difficulty finding the time to get a full night of sleep or take care of ourselves in other necessary ways. Even with some interruptions in your routine, you likely find yourself moving along from week to week successfully. Even still, most of us find ourselves wanting more out of life. We desire to be better in our chosen profession, eat healthier, get more sleep, find time for the gym, and spend more leisure time with our families. If you don’t find yourself wanting more out of life, this book may inspire you for more. If you do find yourself wanting more, this book is definitely for you. Two specialists, one on the mind and one on the body, decided to combine our areas of expertise to highlight the importance of the mind and the body working together harmoniously. We feel that self-help is essentially nothing more than a crossroads between information and inspiration. As such, self-help starts, and ends, with you. We simply provide tips and incorporate research on physical and mental well-being, including exercise routines, dietary suggestions, identifying values, and personalized goal-setting. You may find yourself more interested in some areas than others, so read what interests you most and work from there. Our bet is that you’ll feel inspired to make that one minor lifestyle change that enhances your overall quality of life and positively impact those around you.

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