Dictators and Diplomats

By Robert W. Starnes

Be prepared for a peek behind the governmental veil and historical perspectives never before shared. Dictators and Diplomats is a fascinating memoir offering a glimpse into the extraordinary life of a U.S. Security Attaché. Robert W. Starnes’ international law enforcement career took him to six continents while encountering terrorism, counterintelligence, executive protections, and criminal investigations. –Relive a chemical terrorist threat in New Zealand against U.S. golfer Tiger Woods. –Return to Libya during Col. Muammar Gaddafi’s dictatorial reign. –Become stranded in Brazil with a suspected high-ranking Hezbollah terrorist. –Relish in the success of disrupting a Lebanese terrorist plot to bomb a U.S. Embassy. –Arrest a Pakistani defector and terrorist two weeks from joining the U.S. army Airborne. –Run the gauntlet of a planned siege of a U.S. Embassy during a coup d’état. –Brushes with death during Guatemala’s civil war. –Scour the Samoan jungles to rescue children from an abusive behavior modification camp. –Restore security after the arson attack against the Texas Governor’s Mansion. –Enact an Elliott Nest strategy used against gangster Al Capone to disrupt mafia figures. –Trade moves with the infamous Love Bandit who stole the hearts of lonely women. You’ll enjoy these adventurous reflections in this well-written memoir that is factual, informative, honest, and, at times, cleverly humorous.

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