Got Co-Parenting

By Taunishia Zoa

A single mother, three children, and three different fathers: sounds like a handful right? In a balancing act between families and finding consistency in values, environment, and support for her children, Taunishia Zoa shares with you the most challenging obstacles she faced as a single parent and how she learned to overcome them. In an uplifting guide of honest reflection and scripture to light the way, Zoa leads you on a journey of empowerment and truth. This guide will help you better communicate, create the right support circle, manage your emotions, and ultimately become a better role model. Got Co-Parenting helps you let go of the pain from failed relationships and the burden of raising a child on your own and instead striving to co-parent in peace and respect and shared love for your child. Got Co-Parenting gives you a personal take on how to make peace with your child’s other parent and with yourself, embracing your role as a single parent and challenging the self-doubt, stress, and fear that easily consume single parents. Got Co-Parenting is your raw guide to not only put your child’s interest first, but yours as well.

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