Navigating Your Hospital Stay: A Step-By-Step Guide to Help You Understand and Manage Your Hospital Care

By Robin Rutan Russell

To most people, a hospital is an alien world. These institutions seem to use their own language and make decisions and rules that are not easily understood, and often, not clearly explained. 

NAVIGATING YOUR HOSPITAL STAY takes the guess work out of any hospitalization, offering step-by-step guidance from before you step through the hospital doors, to the time you are discharged home.

With clear explanations of terms, and details of what you can expect during any hospital stay, NAVIGATING YOUR HOSPITAL STAY replaces anxiety with empowerment, and gives you the information you need to make decisions that will enable you to truly be a partner in your care.

NAVIGATING YOUR HOSPITAL STAY includes important information regarding:
•Advance Care Planning
•Medicare and other insurances
•Choosing a hospital
•Medical history forms
•Emergency Care
•Surgery and Anesthesia
•Intensive care units 
and so very much more…

NAVIGATING YOUR HOSPITAL STAY is both a guide book and a reference that belongs on every family’s bookshelf!

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