by Isa Nichols-Farrington

On February 16, 2002, Isa Nichols set out to run some common errands: a quick run to the grocery store, stopping by some friends, picking up her daughter. The usual. Yet for Isa, this infamous day of trauma would leave her to question every aspect of her life, who she ever was, and who was ever truly by her side as she coped with loss, revenge, and betrayal. In a journey of personal growth after the brutal murder of her niece, Keenya, Isa Nichols recounts the events that led to the Beltway DC Sniper Attacks to the doorstep of her very own home. In a story of loss, struggle, and hope she reveals how her former lifestyle had left her vulnerable and at a constant loss of self and being. Using events from her life as a series of inspirational revelations, RESTORE guides you to examine your own life, home environment, workloads, friendships, relationships, and spirituality to identify what aspects of life can be depleting.  This powerful story of truth and reconciliation through traumatic experiences moves you to reclaim, empower and RESTORE your life for a greater purpose, hope, and a future.