Norah Sarsour embraces your project just as she embraces you for who you are. Learn why many return to Norah for her services:

Norah was a big help in editing my website. I was impressed with the level of detail in the notes she provided. I would definitely hire her again for a similar project.

Chris Hinger, Graphic Designer
This is my first time actually publishing a book and this was a nervous process for me. The idea of utilizing someone that I had never met online to help edit my book was frightening. Out of the initial 20 requests that I received, Norah was one of them. She stood out to me because she was consistent. When I was on the fence about who I was going to select, she constantly followed up with me, gained my trust, and then landed the job to edit my book. Saying Norah was amazing to work with was an understatement. I remember submitting my virgin manuscript to her and when I got it back, I was in complete awe. Not to mention when I first sent her my manuscript it was only 11,000 words. It’s currently 20,000 plus words because she encouraged me to dig deeper and elaborate in areas that I assumed were complete. By the time we finished 3 rounds of edit, my book was perfect and now its off to printing! Thank you so much Norah for your dedication, your expertise, and hard work. You truly exceed expectations in all areas of the editing/writing world. I will definitely be working with you on my upcoming autobiography.
Taunishia Zoa, author of Got Co-Parenting

I want to thank you Nora for all the work you’ve done with my newest upcoming book RESTORE. You are certainly the best editor I could’ve imagined to work with! Your insight, editorial expertise was the breakthrough I needed to bring my assignment to tell the world about truth and reconciliation through traumatic experiences. #RESTORE

Isa Farrington-Nichols, author of Restore

Great job. Great communication. Project delivered on time. Will work again with freelancer.

Stephane Fourdrinier, Director of Cloud Operations, Sony

When I was ready to hand my book over to someone to edit it, I was scared and reluctant. I needed to find the right mixture – someone who loved my book, but also was willing to get in there and start knocking down walls if needed. Norah has an exceptional ability to be eager about your manuscript while gently fixing it. With her technical expertise, excellent copy suggestions and excitement for my topic, she was able to coax some of the best work out of me! I really recommend working with her!

Holly Shaw, author, The Creative Formula

Norah was the perfect editor for my project. She engaged with the subject matter and really brought out the best in my writing. As a first time author I didn’t know what to expect but Norah exceeded any expectations. … She delivered the brief on time, I’m so impressed by her and will DEFINITELY use her again on my next project! 

Lulu Pierre, Author

Norah has the knowledge and skill that adds professional touch to any writing project. I was very impressed with the result of the editing project she did for me. She went above and beyond what I expected as she offered me some writing tips through editing notes. I highly recommend Norah.

Godwin Ariza, Author