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The Dream Pony

Kelpie Harper doesn’t know how she is going to leave her favorite pony behind for seven whole days during a visit to the country and expects to have a lousy time sitting around, painting pictures, and listening to more of her grandmother’s silly magical tales until her grandmother gives her a mystical gift.

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Dictators and Diplomats

Be prepared for a peek behind the governmental veil and historical perspectives never before shared. Dictators and Diplomats is a fascinating memoir offering a glimpse into the extraordinary life of a U.S. Security Attaché. Robert W. Starnes’ international law enforcement career took him to six continents while encountering terrorism, counterintelligence, executive protections, and criminal investigations.

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Mis Recuerdos

During the first years of my childhood, I lived with my grandmother, MarÍa, the mother of my mother. Later my mother decided to place me in La Casa Cuna (The House of the Cradle), where I learned how to survive on my own in a post World War II Spain, in a unique coming of age story.